Unraveling Traveling: The Da Vinci Code

This A Novel Holiday travel guidebook will take you to the real-world locations mentioned in Dan Brown’s most successful novel, as well as sites where Ron Howard filmed scenes for his marvelous movie. We’ll provide pros and cons for the commercial tours available, and assist you to plan a personal pilgrimage to as many DVC-related places as you care to visit.

Part One: Da Vinci Code Paris

Visit historic Parisian places mentioned within the novel, Paris film sites, and Château Villette—a 17th century manor house found in the countryside near Paris, which is both the fictional home of Brown’s character, Sir Leigh Teabing, and a real-world filming location.

Part Two: Da Vinci Code England

This section will help you visit the many London locations associated with the Da Vinci Code novel and movie, as well as directions for visiting film sites found elsewhere in England, such as Lincoln Cathedral—where Howard shot his Westminster Abbey interior scenes.

Please Note: The A Novel Holiday Da Vinci Code travel guidebook does not contain a “Da Vinci Code Italy” section. Castel Gandolfo, the Italian mansion mentioned in Brown’s novel, was not a film site. Castel Gandolfo scenes were filmed at Burghley House, a 16th century manor house located in Cambridgeshire, England—a site included in the Da Vinci Code England section. However! Given the freedom offered by the Internet, we likely will post a DVC SUPPLEMENT that includes directions for visiting Italy’s Castel Gandolfo.

Part Three: Da Vinci Code Scotland

No DVC fan who visits the UK will want to miss Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel and the ruins of Rosslyn Castle. In addition to figuring prominently in Dan Brown’s novel, Rosslyn Chapel also was a film site. The Rosslyn Castle ruins used for filming are within comfortable walking distance from the chapel.

What about The Other Dan Brown Novels?

Robert Langdon fans will be happy to know that A Novel Holiday plans to someday produce travel guidebooks that will lead you to the real-world novel locations and film sites featured in Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol – as well as Brown’s most recently released novel, Inferno!