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Telephones and the UK: The Basics


Learning about the many differences between US/Canadian and UK phones requires some research. In the PDF below you’ll find links to well-written Internet resources for UK phone info, basic UK dialing instructions, and important UK phone numbers to have on … Read more

Telephones and the UK: Know Your Options!


Oh, surpriZe! Deciding what phone to use while traveling in the UK requires a bit of research. Will your regular cell phone work in the UK? If it will, does your service provider offer a reasonably-priced UK roaming plan, or … Read more

UK Terminology Tips


One of the marvelous things for Americans and Canadians who visit Great Britain is that we don’t have to worry about dealing with a foreign language—or DO we?! While preparing for your UK holiday (vacation), take the time to familiarize … Read more

UK Rental Car Check List


In the Do’s & Don’ts for Car Rental and Driving in the UK Blog Post of February 5th, 2013, we provided a list of steps to perform before leaving the UK Car Rental company’s lot. These steps are so important, … Read more

Do’s & Don’ts for Car Rental and Driving in the UK


Driving in Great Britain is far less stressful for travelers who rent a car in which they can be completely comfortable while driving on the left side of the road, and those who become familiar with UK driving differences and … Read more