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Telephones and the UK: The Basics


Learning about the many differences between US/Canadian and UK phones requires some research. In the PDF below you’ll find links to well-written Internet resources for UK phone info, basic UK dialing instructions, and important UK phone numbers to have on … Read more

Telephones and the UK: Know Your Options!


Oh, surpriZe! Deciding what phone to use while traveling in the UK requires a bit of research. Will your regular cell phone work in the UK? If it will, does your service provider offer a reasonably-priced UK roaming plan, or … Read more

UK Terminology Tips


One of the marvelous things for Americans and Canadians who visit Great Britain is that we don’t have to worry about dealing with a foreign language—or DO we?! While preparing for your UK holiday (vacation), take the time to familiarize … Read more

Travel Photography Tips


I am proud to recycle! This A Novel Holiday travel tips file was created from a Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks “Potterite UK Travel Supplementum.” Happily, most of these photography tips and issues apply to traveling anywhere—even in the US. … Read more

Additional Packing Pointers


Here is a collection of miscellaneous tips, such as: The magic of Zip bags … blister-proof, comfy socks … and must-have travel gadgets! Additional Packing Pointers Many of the featured items are available in the Travel Supplies & Gadgets section … Read more

UK Rental Car Check List


In the Do’s & Don’ts for Car Rental and Driving in the UK Blog Post of February 5th, 2013, we provided a list of steps to perform before leaving the UK Car Rental company’s lot. These steps are so important, … Read more

Do’s & Don’ts for Car Rental and Driving in the UK


Driving in Great Britain is far less stressful for travelers who rent a car in which they can be completely comfortable while driving on the left side of the road, and those who become familiar with UK driving differences and … Read more

Three Cheers For The JOHN MUIR TRUST!!!


In Harry Potter Places Book Five—Scotland: Hogwarts’ Home … Part Two, The Scottish West Highlands … you’ll find directions for visiting Site #66: Steall Falls, Glen Nevis. Thanx to the John Muir Trust—a leading wild land conservation charity in the … Read more

Platform Nine and Three Quarters Photo Op Vastly Improved


Thank you SnitchSeeker! The Platform Nine and Three Quarters photo op at London’s King’s Cross Station was vastly improved when it apparated into a newly refurbished area of the station! According to reports, it’s near the Harry Potter Platform 9¾ … Read more